Our Top Ten Singles / EPs of 2021

When we announced our top ten records last year, we were optimistic enough to claim that things would be fine and 2021 would be our year. Well, how wrong can you be. At the end of a year that has been every bit as difficult as the previous one, we still find ourselves in the same place, with the pandemic still raging and no prospect of it ending any time soon. So we’ll refrain from any further prophecies for now but are all the more grateful for the amazing spirit of resilience among labels, bands and artists and for excellent new music still being released every week. Here’s a list of the top ten singles / EPs from 2021 that we liked best.

If you find something on this list that you like, please consider buying it directly from the artists / labels via the given bandcamp links or from any other source selling music. As we face another few months when shows will be increasingly unlikely to be allowed to go ahead in 2022, every little counts to make sure those lovely people will be able to continue making music and will still find labels to put it out there. Thank you, take care, and all the best for an easier next year!


10. fuvk – mixtli (Comp. track / Steakhouse Records)





9. Real Numbers – Brighter Then (Slumberland / Meritorio Records)





8. Fresh – The Summer I Got Good At Guitar (Specialist Subject Records)





7. Snow Coats – Anyway (s/r)





6. Poster Paints – Number 1 (s/r)





5. The Stammer – Burden On The Living (s/r)





4. Dom Munns – Lay It On (Hideous Mink Records)





3. Kindsight – Don’t You Grow Up (Rama Lama Records)





2. April June – Summer Bruises (Spirit Goth Records)





1. Aderyn – Silver Screen (s/r)





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