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Photo: Per Möller

One of the most under-appreciated phenomena in pop music is bands that remain true to themselves in the course of their career. The dynamics of attention to the most recent song / release / show seems to require a constant need to re-invent oneself or at the very least make giant steps in whatever direction away from the last song / release / show. Read on

The Goon Sax

Photo: Ben O’Connor

What to call this: You release your first record at the age of 17/18 to widespread international acclaim and excited cries of „flawless guitar pop“ and then follow it up two years later with something that will have no critic even think about the overused phrase „difficult second album“? We call it true class, yeah. The Goon Sax have just confirmed themselves as such a class act with album no. 2, We’re Not Talking. Read on

Indiepop Radio Episode 18-02

The second episode of our indiepop radio podcast has just gone online. Another half-hour of indiepop greatness featuring Tracyanne & Danny, Colour Me Wednesday & more. Tune in below or find the show over on Mixcloud.



Ok, let’s get the unimportant bit of information that everyone focuses on out of the way first: yes, Alex Naidu used to be in Pains. There. So now let’s get on with the real stuff. For us, Massage seemed to have appeared out of nowhere but actually Bandcamp reveals they released their first EP in August 2016 and a little more research tells us they’ve been a band for five years before releasing their debut. So here they are now with Oh Boy, a full 12-track debut album that jangles as though their lives depended on it. Read on

Michael Avishay

Michael Avishay

When Michael Avishay disbanded his previous band Heathers and relocated from LA to New York in 2015, it took a while before he went back to writing songs again. Heathers had caused quite a stir on the indie scene, and rightly so. They were raw, angry, loud but with an underlying sensitivity that time and again returned to the surface of their songs. They released a couple of brilliant singles in 2013–2014, appeared on a few compilations and disappeared more or less on the eve of the release of their debut album. Read on