Our Top Ten Singles / EPs of 2022

Here’s our top ten singles / eps of 2022 — without any claim that these are THE best releases from this year, because that would be nonsense, they’re the ones we liked most. And while the concept of an ep or even more so a 7″ single is pretty straightforward, the definition of what can count as a single has been blurred by the blessings of the digital age in music. So it seems reasonable to add that individual album songs that did not get a ‘proper’ single release but were merely set free into the streaming wilderness of YT or Spotify prior to the album release were still counted as singles here because they serve the same purpose as singles did in earlier years. In any case, if it’s a single to us, it should be a single to you.

If you find something on this list that you like, please consider buying it directly from the artists / labels via the given bandcamp links or from any other source selling music. Every little helps to make sure artists receive some money for the effort they’ve put into producing these songs. Thank you, take care, and all the best for next year!


10. The Photocopies – Hopelessly Devoted (s/r)





9. Janelane – Okay With Dancing Alone (Astoria Tracks)





8. Aderyn – Yearning (Phwoar & Peace)





7. Tim Kasher – What Are We Doing (15 Passenger Records)





6. Chemical Club – Hell In A Heatwave (Arts & Crafts)





5. Acid House Kings – Honey, Honey (s/r)





4. Me Rex – Pterodactyl (s/r)





3. Big Joanie – In My Arms (Kill Rock Stars)





2. Sorry – There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved (Domino)





1. The Umbrellas – Write It In The Sky (Slumberland / Meritorio Records)





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