Our Top Ten Albums of 2020

If you read this, chances are you’ve made it through 2020 – congratulations! Another year when we thought, at its beginning, well this one cannot possibly get worse than the one before. And then you all know what happened. We hope that music has helped you as much as it did us. Here’s the albums of this year that we liked most. A click on the cover leads you to a place where you can buy the record.



Please consider doing so to help make sure there will still be some bands and labels around when all this is over. To anyone who’s listened to us bang on about obscure bands this year, to the obscure bands themselves and their DIY record labels, to anyone who’s put their time and effort in to keeping the torch of independent music burning in a year when it was needed more than at any other time – to all of you we say, thank you, keep on burning, what you do does make a difference, things will be alright and 2021 will be our year. Have a good one, take care and be nice.


10. Emma Kupa – It Will Come Easier (Fika Recordings)








9. Kidsmoke – A Vision In The Dark (Libertino Records)








8. Smokescreens – A Strange Dream (Slumberland Records)








7. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Sideways To New Italy (Sub Pop)








6. Even As We Speak – Adelphi (Shelflife / Discos de Kirlian)








5. Nova One – Lovable (Community Records)








4. Oceanator – Things I Never Said (Polyvinyl Records)








3. The Luxembourg Signal – The Long Now (Shelflife / Spinout Nuggets)








2. Close Lobsters – Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols (Shelflife)








1. Gladie – Safe Sins (Lame-O Records)



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