Indiepop Radio Episode 20-06

The June issue of our monthly indiepop podcast is right here! We have switched from lockdown double features to making the one-hour-format our new normal, so enjoy 12 fresh new tracks from the likes of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Night Shop, and Emma Kupa. A dazzling 59 minutes of listening entertainment! Read on

Our Top Ten Albums of 2018

If you’ve been following this little blog and its associated modest indiepop radio podcast, there’s probably not a lot on these eoy-lists that will surprise you. Still, we feel they might be a useful addition to this year’s posts here. Our top ten albums are ranked below; a sample for each record is included and a click on the cover will lead you to where you can order the record.

Our eternal gratitude to all the bands and labels putting so much effort and all their hearts into giving us something to keep our backs straight and our heads above the waterline throughout this shithole of a year! Read on

Night Shop

Night Shop

The guy on the left is Justin Sullivan. Yeah, I know, and no, not that one. This Justin Sullivan used to play drums in a US indie band called The Babies – a band led by singer and songwriter Kevin Morby that we have to confess we’d never heard of before finding Sullivan’s debut solo album, In The Break. Listening to The Babies, it is obvious that ignoring them for so long hasn’t been our smartest move, they’re really good. So their drummer has just released his own record under the moniker Night Shop. Read on