Our Top Ten Singles / EPs of 2019

As another kind of sub-awesome year draws to its welcome end, once more, one of the very few things that kept us sane is the music we love. And because we also love lists and love them all the more when they are ranked instead of presenting an “all of these were equally great” levelling, here’s our very well-considered top ten singles and EPs of 2019. There’s a song sample for each record and the cover will link you to a place where you can buy it. Respect and gratitude to everyone who’s written, recorded, played on, produced, released or manufactured a record this year – you rule!


10. Ducks Unlimited – Get Bleak EP (Bobo Integral Records)


9. Wojtek The Bear – Old Names For New Shapes (Scottish Fiction Records)


8. Stoop Kid – Uhm Yeah Sure (Gazer Tapes)


7. Inverted Jenny – Cosmic Crush (s/r)


6. Cozy Slippers – A Million Pieces (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)


5. Foundlings – Foundlings EP (Last Night From Glasgow)


4. Tourist Activities – Off My Mind (Den Tapes)


3. Soot Sprite – Sharp Tongue (Specialist Subject Records)


2. fuvk – You Like Blue And I Like You (Z Tapes)


1. The Sonder Bombs – I Don’t Have One Anymore (Take This To Heart Records)


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