Indiepop Radio Episode 22-09

Another month, another twelve fresh and tasty new songs from the international indiepop scene! Welcome to the September 2022 episode of our indiepop radio show, featuring the latest releases from the likes of Kindsight, The Radio Field, The Sundries, & more. Plus not one, but two new bands by ex-members of Math And Physics Club, as well as older favourites coming from The Leaf Library and The Legends. Enjoy!

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Indiepop Radio Episode 20-03

Either the most superfluous or the most useful thing in these weird times, here’s a new episode of our indiepop radio show! Six more new hit records for your self-isolation enjoyment, featuring Even As We Speak, Strawberry Generation, Long Neck, and more. Plus our usual featured track from way back at the very end of the show. Just click the Play button below or listen on any of these platforms: Mixcloud / Soundcloud / iTunes / Spotify.